Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Yeah I know... it makes little sense. That's partially why I find it humorous. Right so anyways, I been making this silly comics over at stripcreator They have templates using characters from webcomics already established. I suppose for an artist such as myself it kind of lack creativity, but I'm having a laugh anyways. What I have been doing is putting bits of dialogue from other works of media in them, and trying to make the characters and setting out of context with one another as well as what is being said. The spoken lines above are from the Marx Brothers film The Cocoanuts. That bacon chap is from a strip called Squabies and Mr. Christ is from one called Injokester. There will likely be more of these turning up. I can only promise you that they won't make much sense than these do. There are more to be found right here. Which if you feel the need will satisfy any curiosity. have fun with them, try and guess where the dialogue is from, or make some of your own.

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