Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mutant Mechanical Frequencies Grab Bag!

Mutant Mechanical Frequencies is my longtime electronic music project. I uploaded a 2-fer. It contains a revised version of 7734, which was the first cd's worth of material I recorded, and added to it 7734 MMIX which is a remixed version of the first cd. each release does contain tracks native to themselves. I started this project in around 96 or so as Mister Mother Fucker. It was mainly used for writing prose and spoken word at the time. MMF the music project came into being in early 2001. At that time I began using it also as a means to advertise ,my visual art under as well. Essentially it became an umbrella term for all of my artistic meanderings. Earlier this year I decided to change the project's name. Mister Mother Fucker was relatively original when i first decided to use the name after my original idea Mr. Happy face was already being used. As time went on I not only found it less and less original, I found it inconvenient as my son started getting into my music. Mutant Mechanical Frequencies came to me and I decided I liked it even better. I feel it describes what I do musically. It pays homage to the dozens of punk bands who had names that were shortened into initials who were always changing what they meant. Not to mention with the same monogram I dont have to return the engraved luggage!

7734 MMIX

Theme for a Cancelled Imaginary TV Show
Doing Shit To Get The Stuff
7734 or hell on an Upside Down Calculator
Yes and No Days on a Day When No Means Yes and Yes Means No
Satan Drives The Shortbus, I Ride Shotgun
Never Worry Forever On Your Last Day Alive
Numerous Undesirable Personality Traits
Dat Cruncy In Milk Groove
Famous Last Words Of The Last Man Standing
Yo... Buck Da Kickit!
March of The Ghede and the Commute of the White Collar Dead
Blind Naked Blackjack and Skunked Bathtub Rum
Healthy Dose of Angst and a Side of Insanity


Satan Drives the Shortbus... I Ride Shotgun, Baby! (Six Six Mix)
Nu water Flow
Strip Blackjack and Dark Ghetto Rum
Da Crunchiest in Milk Groove
Yo... Buck Da Kickit (The Otha Side)
March of the Ghedeh (Baron Samedi Mix)
Travis Bickle VS NYC VS MMF (Vigilante Mix)
A Forest (Rain Forest Mix)
The Never Wednesday Family ( we Are the future)

I am also including one of my "Videos." Keep in mind the video itself it not Hollywood MTv matierial. It was made from stock footage, as all the videos I made were. 

Links to the other videos I made can be reached through the link above. The link below contains both EPs.

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